Goals for East Side Presbyterian Church



  1. Fellowship
  2. Family
  3. Working/serving together/faith in action
  4. Caring, support with one another
  5. Spiritual nurturer/hearing the message
  6. Worship/music


  1. Helping others, reaching out to community and beyond.
  2. Focus outside of ourselves - make a contribution to the world outside our family.
  3. Unity - oneness of the church/working together with each other and partner churches.
  4. Build the church: grow the church/new people.
  5. Acceptance of change/live in hope/prayers for God's guidance/discernment
  6. Openness


  1. Good preacher/sermons that help us grow.
  2. Understands/sensitive to our region.
  3. Approachability/listens.
  4. Strong pastoral care skills/someone who cares about us.
  5. Ability to foster collaboration and manage conflict.
  6. A partner in ministering/a leader who can inspire our participation.
  7. Politically and socially aware of what is going on in the world- transformational