September 2019   
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Rev. Michelle Bartel

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It is my honor and delight to be serving the PC(USA) as the pastor of East Side Presbyterian Church, here in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Sure, it's windy here. But you have to expect that with a great lake stretching out a couple of miles from your front door.

East Side Presbyterian is full of people who are eager to take up mission and service in Ashtabula County. Along with beautiful walking trails, lakeside parks, wineries, covered bridges, active civic organizations, and friendly and creative people, Ashtabula is facing a continuing economic downturn, the opioid epidemic, and increasing poverty. 

We welcome you to join us because the Spirit is always changing us, even when we're not aware. I am new here, about to preach only my fifth sermon. Most recently, I was the Coordinator of the Office of Theological Education and Seminary Relations for the PC(USA) in Louisville, KY. It was my privilege to be lodged in the Theology, Formation, and Evangelism ministry area where colleagues taught me so much. In fact, I often think maybe my years there were a sort of internship for pastoring a congregation. They supported me with their wisdom there on 100 Witherspoon Street, and I've been able to develop awareness of resources for ministry as a result.

This has added to my past experience as a part time pastor, college chaplain, and college professor. Growing up in a home with thinking and loving church people helped a lot, of course - my mom is an honorably retired PC(USA) pastor - as did my education at Calvin College (BA, 1986) and Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div. 1990, Ph.D. 1998).

Friends and family have stretched forward with me, and I am meeting new friends and colleagues all the time. And now that I'm here in Ashtabula at this church with a mission heritage, I am having the fun of loving people for my job, studying theology for preaching and teaching, developing mission projects with the session and deacons, and exploring how God is changing us.

So I welcome you to join us! Sunday mornings, 10 am. 

In the grace and peace of Christ,



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